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The email sending package includes one-time deployment

The list purchased is final and it’s yours for an unlimited usage, we do not offer any further updates after the 30 day guarantee period.

For custom orders, you need to contact our team using the Contact Us Form on the website, where you can include the filters you need. You will receive an email shortly after that with record counts and prices or a different option in case the custom order is not possible.

If the list is purchased during working hours Monday through Friday 9-5 PM EST, usually, it takes 1-2 hours for the data to be prepared and uploaded to your account, however, please note that if the order is created during the weekend (Saturday-Sunday), it will be uploaded on Monday.

The Email List comes in an Excel file, that you can download to your computer and easily upload to your CRM.

Once you purchase the data it is yours to use for an unlimited period of time. Also you can send an unlimited number of emails, however, you are not allowed to share the data with other companies or resell it.

- Email in HTML - Subject line of the email - “From name” and Email that will be shown as a sender - Date and time the email sending should start - All information sent at least 2 days before scheduling the campaign

Yes, we do offer an Email Sending Service only for Email Lists purchased from We do not accept third party lists for our email sending service.

The Business Lists are updated once a year and there is no guarantee included.

We have a dedicated data team working on the lists and updating them monthly. The data is taken down manually from the official School, District, or College sources.

All the contact information provided in the data are publicly available information and you will be able to send emails to them as long as the emails are compliant with the Can/Spam act of 2003. Opt-in email is a Web marketing term for email that recipients have previously requested by signing up at a Web site or special ad banner. Typically, Web users are invited to sign up for promotional information about one or more categories of products or services. Those who sign up have thus "opted in." Anyone sending them an email, as a result, hopes that the message will not be perceived as unwanted spam.

All orders made on are final, we do not offer any refunds, as the data is downloaded to your computer and since this is a digital product it can not be returned.

A hard bounce is an e-mail that has been returned to the sender because the recipient's address is invalid. Either the Email address of the title is changed, the email address is no longer valid, or the domain name is changed.

We have a 30 days guarantee period on any hard bounces from the day you purchase, if during that period you get any hard bounces you can send us the emails that have bounced back together with the bounce back reason, and our team will check them and provide you with free updates for those records.

Our Education data (School and District Level Titles) is updated monthly.

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