We appreciate your decision to become a part of our community at EmailListUs. We value your trust in us and are committed to safeguarding your personal information and privacy. We understand that by visiting our website and using any of our services, you entrust us with your information.

Information Collection

At EmailListUs, we collect personal information that you willingly provide to us when you register on our website, express an interest in obtaining information about our products and services, participate in website activities, or contact us. The personal information we collect includes your name, postal address, email address, phone number, company of employment, and job title.

In addition, we also collect certain information when you visit, use or navigate our website, which includes device and usage information, such as your IP address, browser and device characteristics, operating system, language preferences, country location, and other technical information. This information is primarily needed to maintain the security and operation of our website, and for our internal analytics and reporting purposes.

Similar to other businesses, we also use cookies and other similar technologies to collect information.

Compliance with Laws

EmailListUs is a licensed compiler of education data and strictly follows legal and open-source data methods. We continuously implement changes in our processes and data evaluation protocols to ensure that we provide the most accurate data on the education market.

We warrant that we fully comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including CAN-SPAM, GDPR, Do-Not-Call laws, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). EmailListUs regularly performs verification and validation on all emails using several different methods to ensure high accuracy in our data sets.

We also warrant that any individual who wants to know what data we maintain in our data sets per GDPR and CCPA requirements can request this information at EmailListUs.com.

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (California Civil Code Section 1798.83, “CCPA”), California residents have the right to request certain details about the data that EmailListUs has collected about them, as well as request the deletion or modification of such data.

However, much of the data maintained in our database comes from publicly available information or is provided voluntarily by schools and their respective districts, with personal information sometimes appended to school-related information obtained from third parties. We do not sell or disclose any information about our clients and use such information solely for transactional purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Individuals can request information about their data by contacting us at info@emaillistus.com, or calling (877) 486-9110. If individuals choose to appoint an agent to make requests on their behalf, EmailListUs may require evidence of such appointment to comply with the request.

To ensure the proper identity of the requestor, EmailListUs uses reasonable methods to verify their identity before responding to any requests. If we are unable to verify the requestor’s identity, the request may be denied or additional identifying information may be requested. We aim to respond to requests for collected information, deletion, or modification within 45 days of receiving the request. If more time is needed or we are unable to comply with the request, the reason for the delay and the extension period will be communicated to the requestor in writing.

Information Usage

At EmailListUs, we use your information for various purposes including legitimate business interests, fulfilling our contract with you, complying with legal obligations, and providing future promotions to our website visitors.

We may use the information collected or received from you to send administrative information, such as product or service updates, changes to our policies, or new feature information.

Our efforts to protect our services may involve using your information for fraud monitoring and prevention to keep our website safe and secure.

For business purposes, to comply with legal and regulatory requirements or in connection with our contract, we may use your information to enforce our terms, conditions, and policies.

We may also use your information to fulfill and manage your orders made through our website, to deliver and facilitate services, and to respond to your inquiries and resolve any potential issues you may have with our services.

In addition, we may use your information for marketing and promotional communications, which may be sent by us or our third-party marketing partners. You may opt-out of these marketing emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe button or contacting us directly.

We may also use your information to personalize content and advertising tailored to your interests and location, to ensure its effectiveness.

Third-Party Disclosure

We do not disclose or trade your Personally Identifiable Information to any external parties.

Account Information

If you ever wish to review, modify, or delete the information in your account, you may contact us using the form available on our "Contact Us" page or call EmailListUS at (877) 486-9110.

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