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North Carolina Principals email list

North Carolina public school principals email list includes email addresses and additional information for all the principals of all the elementary, middle and high schools in the state of North Carolina. Every email address is the principals' personal school email account. 

 All records contain School Name, Principals Name, Email, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, (Fax if available)


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What is included in the NC Principals Email List

NC Principals list has all the important informations for all the school principals in the state of North Carolina including  principals name, school name, address ,zip code, school type (elementary principals,  middle or high school principals), phone, fax and most important of all the principal's personal email address. The list is well suited for starting a Email Marketing Campaign because every single email address in it is verified.


How often the list of K-12 principal email addresses are updated


North Carolina email database contains email addresses that are regularly updated all the information in it are up to date and the mailing list even contains a contact phone number that you can use to establish communication with the school principal directly.

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