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Property Owners Email List

Property Owners Email List

Now you can target on-site and absentee home and property owners with advanced real estate property data and ownership information. Our property database covers more then 34 000 users nationwide across the U.S.


New home and property owners are stable, creditworthy, have above average income, and are ready to buy your products and services. The best time to reach them is immediately after they buy their home. 

New homeowners spend an average of 8-10 times more than an established resident over a 2-year period.

This huge email database enlists thousands of verified, opt-in email addresses from home and property owners all around the US and the deliverability is guaranteed.


Note: All records contain Company name, Address, Zip State, Phone, Email, and Fax


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What is included in the WI Superintendents Email Database

WI Superintendents mailing list has all the most important information for all the school district superintendents in the state of Wisconsin like superintendents name, school district name, address ,zip code, phone, fax and most important of all the superintendent's personal business email address. The email addresses in this email list are all verified and can be used in various purposes for different kinds of Email Marketing Campaigns.


How often the list of K-12 superintendent email addresses are updated


Wisconsin email database is regularly updated and contains all the freshest and newest informations about the superintendents in all the school districts in Wisconsin as a part of it also comes a contact phone number that you can use to establish direct contact with the school district superintendents.

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