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Business Email List for marketing



Email List with Over 28 Million opt-in Businesses all around United States



If you want your business to have an effective e-marketing campaign you might want to give some thought into using a targeted opt-in e-mail list. This way you will be able to get more success with your email campaign or cold calling tactics.


The range of email marketing lists that you can get from our website are unlimited. Whatever your business you should be able to find a list that targets the demographic that you wish to target.




With our email address lists you can target people based on their location, you can use the phone number or fax for cold calling and full address for sending mailing materials.


This is a great way to get a new business in the area off the ground or introduce newcomers to the area to your business.


     Email Lists by number of email records:


 100,000 Business Email Records $79
 500,000 Business Email Records $150

1 Million Business Email Records $180  


Note about our email listNote: All records contain Company name, Address, Zip State, Phone, Email, Url and Fax

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90% of all the sales coming from a email marketing so by purchasing email list of all the businesses and you can send newsletters or sales letters as many times as you want.


Using a proper strategy and good email marketing lists, targeting you email lists to a specific businesses and areas and try to keep the word out there will make your sales go up.