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Consumer Email List

Consumers Email lists  

Consumer Email List is the most affordable tool for advertising and promoting your small and medium sized business. We understand the importance of gaining new customers for your business to grow. We have found, through years of experience, that the most affordable and effective way to accomplish this task is through opt-in Email Marketing, especially with the use of quality email lists that are regularly updated.

Once you have purchased an Email List, you own the list for life and you may send unlimited emails.

You will see results begin to show within the first 48 hours. It is important to setup regular campaigns like Newsletters, Promotional Materials, and Social-Media Marketing (where combining your email marketing with your social media is showing to be a powerful form of advertisement).

This is made possible with our product since a one-time purchase allows you to continue to send unlimited emails.

Consumers Email List is the best and fastest way of starting campaigns and bringing in new customers. All the email lists are Opt-In and updated on a monthly basis.




50,000 Records
Price: $49



120,000 Records
Price: $69

200,000 Records
Price: $99

500,000 Records
Price: $130

1 Million Records
Price: $150

5 Million Records
Price: $220




Consumers Email List Complete Database 12 Million Recrods