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Email Marketing Tips integrate Facebook and Twitter

 Lets say ou are on the way of sending a email marketing  newsletter or just a simple campaign. Most of the mistakes that a small companies are doing is not using 100%  marketing  tips of their content that they deliver to the recipients.

Using Email lists and all email address databases are great tools of internet and email marketing. Let’s say you just created a great email newsletter that you want to send this to all the companies in your area. You want to let them know what is your company doing and their services, how they can benefit from it and make their life easier.

Use a good email lists so you can send emails to all of them. Include a good content   make it short so its not boring for people to go through and most important use this email that you send to connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

This is very important trying to get them connect with you. You can constantly notifying them about your services and we know that the changes are low of sales to be done on the first email.

After creating a good content use Call to Action. This means you just made a great content try to put something for them to subscribe, or visit us on Twitter and Facebook or make subscribe to your email list.

Using email marketing to get people familiar  with your website and try to make them follow you on social network is a great benefit.